From The Chair Person's Desk

The Potential wealth of nation lies in its natural resources. In a developing nation like ours, the main task is to tap these latent sources to channelize energy released in a constructive manner. One of the greatest sources of untapped potential are - The Tiny Tots - the future of India. Realizing the scarcity of good schools, AWADHOOT ACADEMY was evolved with the objective of shaping the future of the student with unparalleled zeal and devotion.

Apparently most of the schools appear to be the same with claims to top faculty, best facilities and commitment to diversity. What, besides our well-deserved reputation of a decade, makes AWADHOOT ACADMEY different? The challenging atmosphere, competitive environment and the career guidance provided by AWADHOOT ACADEMY, make the student intellectually competent, morally sound and character wise strong and upright. AWADHOOT ACADEMY seeks to mould each of its student along the lines of the dreams of AWADHOOT BHAGWAN RAM, had seen for his disciples.